Handout - When exercising in water, I sometimes feel a pinch at my tailbone. What am I doing wrong?

Image Q: When exercising in water, I sometimes feel a pinch at my tailbone. What am I doing wrong?   Acute pain may occur suddenly while exercising. Causes vary and depend on form, technique, fitness ability, muscular strength, any previous injuries to the specific area, etc. Pain could be mild to severe in intensity. In both land and water fitness, causes may include an abrupt offset of balance, misalignment of the spine, or unequal body weight bearing. Acute trauma may also result from excessive joint loading, ignoring any physical limitations or exceeding the appropriate range of motion at a particular joint. When exercising in an aquatic environment, it is important be aware of the forces generated while moving water. Water is more dense and heavier than air, thereby offering the potential for strong resistance. Balance, footing and stability are always challenged, as buoyancy, turbulence, and e

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Aqua Safety Mat - how to take care of it

Remember to take care of your safety mat.  The mat is very durable but if you do not take care of it, it may not last as long as you would like.  

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